The Lion King

It is official, everyone’s favourite Lion King is coming back as a live action animated movie soon! It is scheduled to release in 2019 with the lead roles to be played by Donald Glover and Beyoncé. During this excitement, we came across the amazing retro video game – Lion King! In 1994, the Lion King video game was launched by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

The game is primarily a 2D platforming game, you get to be in control of Simba both as a child and an adult. You can run and jump, roar at enemies (which makes them flinch) and fight with enemies by clawing them when you are playing as an adult Simba. There are a few levels in the game that requires you to use different type of functions, like when Simba is running away from a group of Gazelles etc, but otherwise, it is mostly a platforming game.

It feels really good to control the Lion King – Simba in the first level of the game, but it takes a turn from the second stage when you have to solve several levels of puzzles with the help of Monkeys, which is ok, because it goes in sync with the movie. There are several frustrating points during the game where in if you do not time yourself properly you end up killing the Lion King. For example, there is one level where you have to ride on the back of other animals and jump and evade obstacles. If you don’t time you double tap perfectly, you will not get through the level.

There are other extremely challenging segments in the game like swinging on the hippos tails and one level where there is no directions on timing your jump while riding on the back of animals. Unless you master the game, you can be sure the little lion king is doomed for! Mostly, these deaths are caused because of the design of the game which leaves you feeling wanting to keep trying to master the game.

The graphics of the game is extremely brilliant as it looks like a 16 – Bit version of the Disney movie! The colours are really vibrant, and the sprites are big and detailed, making the levels look like they have been taken right out of the movie. Well, there are some scenes of the movie added to the game which gives it a more authentic feel about the whole game. You being Simba throughout brings you even more closer to the character than just watching the movie.

In summary, the Lion King video game is a brilliantly developed game for actual lovers of the Lion King movie. It is available still in SNES format that you can look up at our website when you decide to buy used video games online. The game is designed perfectly for those who are looking for a challenging yet relive a childhood memory of their favourite Disney movie and maybe even brush up your Lion King experience while waiting for the new version to release!