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Is STEM Education Really the Best?

The STEM program is definitely making headlines in the education sector but a cloud of doubt hangs over it. Before deciding on the education route that your child should embark on, it would be good to do some research. In this article, we take a closer look as to why STEM education has failed to deliver a good result as anticipated.

Top on the list is the fact that this approach is nothing short of subjective. Your child will in most cases find this worthwhile only if they are fond of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Should it be that your youngster prefers to give this subjects a wide berth, they will not find this worthwhile. Keep in mind that there are kids that emerge successful in other subjects and being part of STEM program will at times be a big hindrance.

The absence of apposite student learning guidelines with this approach is part of why STEM is a big letdown. You might be shocked to know that different schools will have different curriculums thus the topics tend to vary. This means that the STEM model isn’t the best in preparing students for college now that they will have acquired an education that is not consistent.

It is on the same note that STEM doesn’t have appropriate teacher certification. This means that you are never sure whether what your kid is being taught is really worth it. Times we are living in are laced with cutthroat competition and it would be good to channel every minute into imparting an education that will be beneficial in days to come. STEM is not the best now that national standards are yet to be set.

Experts say that STEM comes with reduced efficacy as it starts at middle school instead of elementary school. For a student to probably make it through this program, it would be better if the journey started at elementary school. There is no better time than this as the learner is imparted with the basic skills to comprehend more complicated matters. Introducing STEM to a student that is already in middle school is tricky now that he/she will most likely have figured out the direction they would want to take in terms of education.

STEM is not friendly to students that fail to deliver good results as expected and will usually miss out on a lot. The STEM program has been seen to be more of an elitist approach where students that are well prepared will succeed but those that are not will be lagging way behind. Experts caution that STEM is yet to learn the art of lending a hand to struggling students that only need some little input so as to soar high.