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Online Safety Tools for Kids

The importance with which the internet is being taken today
makes it harder for you to keep your kids away from it They, in fact, love spending more time online than adults. Given the permission, kids can do a lot of things online. There is chance for them to be either doing some positive and safe activities or doing some mischief and unsafe activities using their online gadgets. As a parent, you should take measures to ensure online safety for kids. Even if you talk to your kids about sites to visit and sites not to visit, time to spend online and other instructions, it will be hard to follow whether they do as you have instructed. It is your duty to time your time to ensure the online safety of kids from accessing unsuitable content, spending money on purchases without your permission and cyber bullies. Parents can use the following tools to ensure that their kids are safe online.

You can trust the shadow spy app to keep track of the websites that your kid visit. It discreetly monitors what your kid does using the cell phone on facebook, WhatsApp, text messages and other phone apps. If they are having funny Friday plans, you can tell in advance. You no longer need to worry about what your kid is planning.

Children will spend several hours on the internet if allowed. As they play online game, engage in social media and other activities, they will forget to do their homework. The MobSafety range browser, you can limit the time your kids spend on the internet even without physically pulling them. It also helps you dictate the sites that your children can access without one-on-one limitation. You can limit the internet access at particular hours in the afternoon for them to do their homework. Once you feel it is ok, you can allow them internet access. It is one of the tools that most parents consider to be their best in controlling how their kids use the internet.

The minormonitor app is dedicated to maintaining the minor safety on social media . This app will notify you when your child adds a new friend with no or few mutual friends as such a person can be dangerous. It tracks the child’s activities including posts, photo sharing, private messages, status and much more.

YouTube functions more than a site to music and funny videos. The site has a lot of content that is not suitable for young viewers. The YouTube kid’s app is similar in the interface to the parent YouTube but has some filters to filter more suitable results for kids.

You have the responsibility of maintaining the online safety of your kids..