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Enjoying A Kayaking Trip On The Delaware Water Gap

Kayaking is something fun that you can do. While paddling down the water, you can enjoy nature and also spend a night or two in a campsite.

Before you head off on your adventure, you can download an app to help you in your journey. You don’t even need cellphone reception to get the app to function. This digital map is a more convenient option compared to a paper map.

With a GPS feature, you can already find a campsite. When going through your route, you can locate kayaking outfitters too. When you need to find things like supplies, fishing tackles, and even a quick bite, you can use this app. Because of the different functions, it will prevent you from getting lost.

It is important to remember that when you kayak along the water, your route is not always a calm one. It is vital that you learn how to avoid rapids and waterfalls you may encounter during your adventure. Make sure you know what is ahead of you by paddling to the side of the river, when needed, in order to check your digital map.

You could get swept along the rapids or under a waterfall and so it is best to avoid these dangers, in case you are a new kayaker. Before traveling, you can have lessons.

A practice session or two is a good thing to have before you go kayaking. After you have gotten used to it, you will be able to make your kayaking adventure a longer one. In order to get your vehicle back in time and also return the kayak, you should return before it turns dark.

After getting the experience, you can also go up and down the river or go for an overnight stay. By setting up earlier before night, you can set up camp in the best way possible. Camping areas that are primitive means that you won’t be able to use amenities or anything of the sort.

While on your trip, you will be able to visit all kinds of waterfalls, big or small. There will be different dangers that will be on the map. Wading, swimming, or jumping on the water might not be allowed at some times. Warning signs should be read in order to keep from being dragged under the force of the water.

You can get the warnings in real time with the use of digital technology. Keep a look out for strong storm warning signs that could be a great impact. Look for campgrounds and stops that will be safer to stay in just in case. Although, try not to be discourage if the weather becomes worse since this could only be short in duration.

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