How to play Clash of Clans very easy

Previously, you should make sure that you are currently using the best base formation. Please read the Best 10 Base Formation Form TH 1-10 Clash of Clans. If so, then you can proceed to the following stages:

Place Town Hall Outside the Base Formation

It may look so strange for new players, but it is actually this way that makes you faster level up without getting a difficult opponent.
On the other hand, you may only lose 5-7 Trophy, the rest you will get Shield protection for 12 hours, and for 12 hours you can do the collection of Gold or Elixir resources.

Low Town Hall? Do not Think About Trophy First Yes!

Instead of thinking about Trophy numbers, better think about Gold and Elixir resources, how you can upgrade those items to their maximum level.
Do not Have Trophy Over 2000

Clash of Clans has a league, which every league already has great players. The more trophies you have, the more coming attacks will be stronger.
Therefore, it is very unlikely to keep your base from the opponent’s attack, even though Town Hall has put you out, they may still attack your resources like Gold Mine or Elixir Collector.
Subtract 100 – 300 Trophy Start Now
In this way, you will get an easy opponent and (usually) not too concerned with the resources, but only targeting the Trophy. DO NOT FEAR OUT TROPHY, because you can easily get it back.

Place the Clan Castle in the Middle Base

This is so that the opponent does not easily lure Clan Castle content out of its nest. That way, we indirectly force the opponent to attack first without knowing the contents of our Clan Castle.
Best Troops For Clan Castle
To date, the best troops used to survive are Wizard, Giant, and Archer for ground attack. While Dragon and Balloon is the right combination for air strikes.
Surely you still have to adjust to the capacity of your Clan Castle. So far, the use of Wizard and Dragon is at the top.
Always Place Giant Bombs Near Weapons
This is one of the tricks used to anticipate the Hog Rider attack, and apparently not much known to Clash of Clans players. As we know, the Hog Rider is usually released in a chromogram and Hog Rider’s favorite attack is the Weapon Defenses.

Dark Elixir Storage is Everything

If you’ve sacrificed Town Hall, of course there’s something else you should keep, that is Dark Elixir Storage. Because, if you have Dark Elixir in large quantities, it could be your opponent will attack the Dark Elixir even though it has got the Trophy from your Town Hall coup result.
Place Seeking Water Mine Near Water Defense / Air Sweeper
The main problems of air strikes are Air Defense and Air Sweeper. Of course these two Defenses will be the main target of air attackers. By placing Seeking Air Mine near the two weapons, it will make the opponent’s air strike weaker.

Place the Spring Trap between Wall

This is actually an old trick, but it seems there are still many who do not know the efficacy of this trick. By placing Spring Trap between Wall, will make the opponent think that there is an empty gap between the Wall that we made, but that is a trap.
Until now, the most powerful way of not being attacked by an opponent is to play Clash of Clans itself. Because when we are online, automatically opponents will not be able to attack us.



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