How does SCUM Hack Work?

New single-player and multiplayer game SCUM is getting a lot of attention after release. And the numbers of players is constantly rising, but there is a downside of it also. After just two days after the release, you could notice that some people are impossibly better than others. Because it is a new game people think that is a little suspicious. It means hackers or cheaters are already in the game.

This shouldn’t surprise you because there is a cheat for every game you play. There are many hacks you can use, and because SCUM is a game with many details, you maybe need to use more than a couple hacks to be better than others. Game developers implemented anti-cheat in the game but SCUM hacking is still possible.

Things to know before hacking

A great hack is something that needs to work correctly and not get you banned from whichever game you are playing. That is why you need to find hacks which will work with the latest update of the game, so your cheat needs to be updated also. Always check when the hack has been uploaded and read the instructions to check if it is updated.

Using an older version of the hack can get you instantly banned because when they implement anti-cheat it works for all the cheats which are currently being used by players. That is why you need to be cautious and be sure you picked out hacks which are known to work with the current game version.

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A smart thing to do is to make a new profile when using a cheat because in the case you get banned you will have the main account, but if they ban the IP address that is a different story. You can get caught or you won’t, but it is always smart to be careful. You can first check how much you can use the hacks on other accounts, and then go to your main, so you will then have a perspective of how you can use them.

Aimbot cheat

Color aimbots are the first aimbot cheats that made their way to FPS games.  It is something like a program that runs the same time as the game is running, just in the background.  If you wanted to work with that aimbot, you had to set a particular RGB color value as the mark, usually the color value of the uniform or skin of the selected enemies.

Throughout gameplay, the program will look for that specified color and when it finds it on the screen it will point to that location. So, if you want this cheat to work well you need to have a great graphics card because the processing will be faster.  Aimbot also has an option to automatically fire when it spots the target.

The last and possibly most complex type of aimbots are known as graphics driver aimbots.  It hijacks information from the graphics rendering software, such as OpenGL or Directx, you will be able to pinpoint every player coordinate in the game. There are some versions where you can set the name of a player you want to track and the program will do the rest for you.  It is very effective because it can see users that aren’t in your sight and it can actually shoot them before you even can see them on the screen. Read more on this page.

ESP hack

ESP or extrasensory perception is a combination of many cheats you can use in a game. This is one of the cheats that are most commonly used because you can turn off some options, and it will be harder to notice that you are even using a hack.

SCUM related ESP will allow you to see the name of every player on the map, so you will know where your preferable target is. Also, the distance between you and your targets will appear underneath the name which is the more important option you have.

You will see how much health the players have and you can also trace players. ESP needs to be updated constantly because game developers are trying to bring it down because when you know where your enemy is it is a great advantage.