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“Browser” games are successfully developing, and with the release of Battlefield Heroes and Quake Live are threatened and completely become an independent art form. Free online game in the genre RPG Runescape, although impressive from a technical point of view, now looks slightly outdated. Despite the recent graphic processing, the game world looks like it was collected from Lego.

Runescape is a huge, lively universe in which more than six million active players live, but the aging technology makes itself felt.

The Point of Interest

What remains interesting is the non-linear approach. Unlike almost any online game, you are rarely dragged somewhere, holding the collar, except for the most terrible training section in the galaxy. About an hour you have to dash back and forth between the knight in the basement and different people in the gradually opening city, performing small tedious tasks at a very leisurely pace. For the cheap runescape gold these options are important now.

  • But as soon as this horror is over, you will be left to yourself, In the full sense of the word. There is no ordinary nonsense like “you can turn left or right to achieve another goal.” One day you will find a friendly character NPC, who will assume that someone can give you a “quest”. But, talking to everyone in a row, you get more and more opportunities to find a job. Or you can just wander through the wild places, fighting with different animals. Or maybe you want to play one of 33 multiplayer mini-games. And maybe you will be at a party in someone’s house, built by hand.

The bad news is that the impression of all this wealth is constantly deteriorating because of the vile design. New people, accustomed to fresh online games, will constantly get into a dead end. With whom to talk about the “quests”? Nothing indicates that someone is dealing with you; poke the mouse at random. Where to go? A mini-map cannot be scaled to a reasonable level, and a full map does not show your location, which in general does not fit into any gates. You play blindly: you are called a farm, and then it turns out that it is not marked on any map. But the worst part is that everything happens horribly slowly. The option of running is there, but the forces do not last long, and they are restored surprisingly long. Scale the image is also not really. Continuous annoyance, killing those good things is all that the game has to offer.

But she can offer a lot

RuneScape makes a very strong emphasis on “crafting”. There are a billion things that can be pulled out of the earth, grown, cut, ground, weaved, poured, built and cooked in the kitchen. The more you do this, the more skillful you become, which opens up new opportunities. And the possibilities of these are so many that the eyes are scattered. Over the years, RuneScape became increasingly difficult, and it was accompanied by a powerful, purposeful community. And you can clearly see where it came from: all sorts of activities in the game will be enough for a dozen World of Warcraft. “Quests” are often exceptionally elegant; they are more like “puzzles” from “quests”: you collect objects, combine them and use what has happened, in a specific way. Get the poison and the fish food, combine them and feed what has happened,