The World of Video Games and the Finest of The Group

The video game is no longer the privilege of teens buried in their basement for days. Now everyone, or almost everyone, plays, whether on a console, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Because yes, Candy Crush, Angry Birds or Tetris are the same gaming phenomenon as Grand Theft Auto , Assassin’s Creed , Call of Duty or Super Mario Bros. “There is no real hierarchy in the nature of games, but rather a variety of practices. You can be a hardcore gamer on Candy Crush as well as a casual Call of Duty player.

The General Idea

In general, it is considered that it was the advent of the Nintendo Wii console in 2006, and the release of the iPhone in 2007, which led to the proliferation of so-called casual players.

  • It is precisely the popularity of arcade games that has spurred the idea of ​​offering fans the opportunity