3 Tips for Achieving a Good Work/Life Balance When Running a Home Business

Owning a small business is very rewarding, because it provides flexibility and purpose that’s vastly different than what’s available from a standard office job. It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who are up for the challenge, there’s nothing else like it. However, running a business can take on an entirely new dimension when children are added into the mix. Here, business owners and family managers can get some tips on achieving a favorable work/life balance.

Tire the Kids Out

Most parents know that a tired but happy kid is a compliant one. While older kids can help with younger siblings, parents should carve time out of the work day to tire the younger ones out with a trip to the park. The kids will love it, parents will get some exercise and fresh air, and everyone will be ready to tackle the rest of the day. It may mean a later start to the work day, but productivity can increase when kid-related interruptions are kept to a minimum. It’s also beneficial to set specific times aside for certain business-related tasks. Adhering to a schedule is crucial, or the household will flounder alongside the business.

Delegate Tasks

For the business to run smoothly, the household must do the same. There’s no excuse for piles of laundry and a messy office! Everything runs smoothly and more productively when work happens in a calm, pleasing environment. Delegate chores to the kids and hand them off to everyone else in the household. Accountability is the key to getting the workday off to a productive start.

Don’t Overcommit

It’s important to make commitments, but it’s also crucial not to overextend. It’s difficult enough to have a home-based business as a single person, but working with a family and its periodic interruptions can be even trickier. Even the best plans sometimes are derailed, and while working until two o’clock in the morning to meet a deadline isn’t ideal, it may happen.

Many people are getting into home-based businesses because they allow more control over the workday. However, this can backfire when the workday never seems to end. By following the time management tips above, a home business owner can strike a balance between work life and family life. For more tips on running a business, visit Nancy-Rubin often.